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Welcome to Swing Fun.
Whatever flavor of swinger you are we hope to entertain.
The only rule - Keep an open mind.

what is swinging and who are swingers
Who are these swingers,
and what exactly are they doing?

advice and answers pertaining to the swinging lifestyle
Fun advice
pertaining to the swinging lifestyle

let us talk about safe sex issues as it pertains to the swinging lifestyle and nonmonogamy
Safe sex information and advice
for swinging couples

the differences between polyamory and swinging
Compairing polyamory
and swinging

the dating and netwrorking sites we use
Networking and dating
sites for swingers

The original swingers like to monkey around

spice up your sex life with ideas and advice on better sex
Time to spice it up
or just brush up

practice safe sex while swinging folks

A lifestyle dictionary or what they heck does that mean page
deciphering the lingo
of the lifestyle

That's a mighty big bannana your packing around

a bunch of sites that have to do with the swingers lifestyle
Links to sites related to
the swinging lifestyle

swingers books review
The good, the bad,
and the o.k. of lifestyle books

It's a group thing
Ah ha...
Now we know why
that little yellow guy
is always smiling.
Group Sex!

jokes and humor for swinging couples
A day without laughter
is a day that sucks

Sexy games are fun

sex toys for swingers
Sex toys that
you will actually use

Who doesn't love a girl that likes to swing

the history of swingfun.com
All about Swing Fun
and the people behind it

I read only real sex toy reviews
Since we don't have our
sex toy review section up yet...
We advise you to visit RealSexToyReviews.com
For the best reviewers online.
two guys for every girl

~Swinging - often referred to as the swinging lifestyle or simply the lifestyle is a non-monogamous behavior, in which partners in a committed relationship agree, as a couple, for both partners to engage in sexual activities with other people, sometimes referred to as recreational or social sex.

The term wife swapping is no longer used and for the most part never really was among the couples who engage in the swinging lifestyle.

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