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These are the sites we know and use.
Welcome to Swing Fun's Dating and networking review.
We have sampled about a dozen or so swingers lifestyle sites of these types and
ended up just sticking with a few favorites.
I'm sure there are a few other ones out there worth using,
but if so we have not tried them.
If you run a networking or dating site that caters to the swingers lifestyle
and you think it is something we would like and consider worthwhile for a recommendation on this page
Just get in touch with us and we will check your site out and review it if you like.

The List:

LifeStyle Lounge -aka- LL

Lifestyle Lounge is certainly the most classy site we have ever used when it comes to finding lifestyle playmates. They do not offer an affiliate program for webmasters to make money off of so all of the members pretty much find there way to the site via word of mouth and positive reviews (like this one) on sites and blogs of actual members.

Lifestyle Lounge pushes a slightly more upscale clientele than the average site geared towards swingers and because of great moderators and super fast service is almost 100 percent creeper free.
Their advice columns are top notch and they also have some very active forums with a lot of humor involved.
Most everyone who is a member has the REAL SEAL that shows they are actually who they say they are.
Fakes and phonies are something we have never dealt with on LL.
They have a medium sized membership base, but they make up for not being one of the largest by the activity of the members.
Most members of Lifestyle Lounge are actively seeking others rather than just perving profiles.
If you put yourself out there you are bound to meet some fabulous playmates on LL.
Check out Lifestyle Lounge Here!

AdultFriendFinder -aka- AFF

AdultFriendFinder is without a doubt the most active of all the swingers sites in existence and can not be matched when it comes to people online viewing profiles.

What to say about Adult Friend Finder?
If you are a swinger and you have internet acces you either are a member or have been a member of this site in the past.
It just may be possible that half or more of the swingers in the USA got their start through using AFF.
AFF leaves accounts up to long, but it is such a huge and active site that most serious swingers just use the "who is on" feature anyway.
Their flirt system makes it super easy to show interest without putting your pride on the line so emails fly fast and hook-ups are made on this site.
The one big problem with AFF is that it is huge in every way.
Yep... huge amount of creepers, posers, fakes, and flakes trying to rain on your parade.
My advice is to use the block features and press on.
If you can't find people though this site then the reality is that you don't want to.
Check out Adult Friend Finder Here!

Swingers Date Club -aka- SDC

SDC Is the other huge one and because of advertising style has a bit more of the fetish crowd.

Good searching, huge amount of members, easy to use blogging system for members and some nice party listings makes Swingers Date Club a very popular site.
Kink friendly and fun, you will almost certainly find people in your area for whatever you are seeking due to the large membership.
They also hold their own “Meet and greets“ and other Lifestyle Events all over the world for their members to attend.

Another thing of note is that the site comes ready for many different languages and my google translate actually works on it's pages (unlike some membership sites) so you can easily talk in your language of choice to people who speak something else... and actually know what the heck they said.
Check out SDC Here!

Swing LifeStyle -aka- SLS
SLS is actually run out of my home state,
and is what I would consider a medium sized swing site.
The reason this site will never die is it's lifetime members and the friendly folks who run it.
They even have revolving banners on their site for members that if you click them you get a free shirt!
That's what I call fun stuff.
I actually wore my shirt to work once.

Swingers lifestyle Plus..
I love their little people logo.

This site isn't as fancy as the ones above and from a visual stand point very much needs an update in my opinion
We don't really join these sites for the pretty web page factor though... we are wishing t meet other people interested in swinging.
SLS is a great place for that.
They have chat, forums, parties, etc... but the big draw here is that they offer a very good price on a lifetime membership.
Most people sign up for a few months while they check out the swing thing and then re-up for a few more.
Those who find the lifestyle suits them end up buying a lifetime membership because it is just to good of an offer to refuse.
The result is a bunch of members who actively swing and never leave the site.
That is exactly what happened with me as a matter of fact.
After re-upping my membership a few times I went lifetime.
Now... no matter what sites I find interesting I always have SLS to check for emails and new members in my area.
I have talked with a few friends who also use the site and they ALL pretty much went through the same thing and have lifetime memberships.
This site is not the fastest moving site though so to be successful here you must actually write to people. Check Out SLS Here!

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